Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleepy Baby

When we went down to see Lewis this morning, we noticed his back looked a little different. Early this morning a resident Dr. came by and removed Lewis's bandage on his back and replaced it with gauze. Everyone seemed to be pleased with how his back is healing. Good job, buddy!

Lewis's feedings also continue to increase. His last two feedings were at 55 mL and next he will be at 60 mL. He is still having some trouble chugging all that milk. Tonight for instance, we got off the elevator and heard him crying in the nursery. We got in the nursery after scrubbing up and started his care. We started the bottle before we changed his diaper. He drank maybe 25 mL and was fast asleep. I think I'd be pretty tired too if I was laying on my stomach drinking warm milk. So we took a break from feeding and changed his diaper. That didn't really seem to wake him up much (see pictures below). He drank a few more sips before he gave in and shut his eyes for the night. They had to use the feeding tube to get the rest in his belly. Hopefully once he gets used to the amount that needs to go in his stomach he will start drinking it all. I'm sure he will.

Today we also made a trip back to our house. We've been making a list since we got to the hospital last Tuesday. So we drove back to Muskegon, spent about an hour at the house, and then headed back to GR. It was kinda nice to take a break from the hospital - although we missed Lewis a lot while we were gone. I'm so glad we don't have to make that drive every day! One of the things on our list was some clothes for Lewis. So Lauren went upstairs to the nursery and walked into a surprise - someone had decorated the nursery! My mom told me who did the decorating - thank you G/G Schone and Aunt Ella! We can't wait to get Lewis home and take some pictures in there!

Until then - here's some pictures to hold us over:

Slurping it down for about a minute until....

.... he falls asleep.

And even a diaper change won't wake him!

Chomping away on his pacifier while asleep... haha!


  1. He is so adorable! It sounds like he's making excellent progress!
    Get ready to stock up on those pacifiers. Carson has been addicted to those since the NICU! :)

  2. Lewis is so cute! We can't wait to meet him, and to see you again! The boys have been asking me when they can see your baby... :) Call me when you get a chance. We want to know if/when you would like visitors in G.R.! :)
    Glad everything is going well, and we miss you!



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