Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2

So day 2 started pretty early for Lauren. The nurse came in a 0400 to get her out of bed and have her take a lap around the floor. Maybe it's because she works at night and doesn't realize what time it is, but I didn't think 4 was a very good time to go for a walk. Just me. After Lauren's walk we got a little bit more rest before deciding it was time to get up.

We called down first thing and talked to Lewis's nurse. She gave us the rundown of what happened over night. Lewis was breathing well enough that they decided to take out the breathing tube. Great news! By the time I called Lewis had already had some visitors - orthopedics and urology. They were just stopping in to see him and how he was doing. We'll probably be spending some more time with those doctors once Lewis is out of the hospital. Lewis also went in for a CT scan early this morning. Dr. Foody reviewed the results and said everything looked good! Dr. Mann also stopped by to take a look at his back. He was happy with how things were looking today!

Paster Joseph and his wife Miriam stopped by today to see us and Lewis. They talked with us for a bit in Lauren's room. Then we took them down to see Lewis. We like showing off our baby! Pastor Joseph prayed over him. We really appreciated them coming by!

We stopped in to see Lewis a few times throughout the day. Since he was still on pain meds from the surgeries yesterday he was pretty sleepy. He did open his eyes for us a few times though! Our last time down there tonight the nurse let us help with his care. The first thing we did was take his temperature. That was my job. I pulled his little arm out a bit and took his temperature from his armpit. Then it was time to change his diaper. Lauren got to do that. Since he was cathed and hadn't pooped, his diaper was clean, but they changed it anyway! Then it was time to weigh Lewis. The bed he lays in has a scale built in but you have to zero out the bed before he's weighted. That means someone has to pick him up to zero the bed. Lauren got to do that too! It must have been a great feeling - picking him up for the first time! Lauren said she'll let me do it tomorrow.

Oh, we also went to a NICU pizza party tonight! Our guest speaker was a nurse from infection control. Exciting stuff! It was free pizza though so I couldn't turn that down.

Anyway, we're both pretty exhausted tonight. I can only imagine how much more exhausted Lauren is. She's feeling better and better, though, as time goes on. We'll keep the updates coming!

Here's some pictures from today:

Lewis with his shunt (and blonde hair)

Lauren changing Lewis

Lauren holding Lewis

Family photo #1

Lewis's notes!


  1. What a beautiful family photo! Glad to hear Lauren got to hold Lewis. God bless, Chris Kapraun

  2. I love reading the updates. Lewis is so adorable I can't wait to hold him, put me on that list after Coleman! Our prayers are with you all, speedy recovery!! Love The Reilly's

  3. Hey Lauren. This is Aaron Boehme. It's been a very long time, hopefully you remember me. Anyway my wife and I, her name is Lauren too, want to let you know that we are praying for your family. We went through a similar thing about 10 months back with our son Jackson. He was in the NICU for a little over 3 weeks. It's so sad to see what he is going through. You just wish you could go in there and trade places with him. Just know that God is watching over and protecting Lewis. You can take heart in knowing that because God has blessed Lewis with loving and caring parents.

  4. Congratulations!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What a precious little boy for a special family. God Bless you all.
    Love, The Swavely's


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