Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Today happens to be the first time I get to celebrate this holiday. I made it by about 2 weeks! Here's how our day went -

We got up this morning and got ready for the day. We went down to visit Lewis. He was doing well. He really wants to be on his back though. Hopefully by Tuesday he'll get his (and our) wish. After we saw Lewis we ate some lunch and headed out to the mall so Lauren could find a swimsuit. We only live a couple miles from Lake Michigan so we plan on Lewis being a regular at the beach. Lauren wasn't feeling the greatest today so it ended up being a short (but successful) trip. By the time we got back Lauren was really under the weather - tired and feverish. She called one of the maternal fetal medicine doctors and told him what was going on. After I ran to the Walgreen's to get a thermometer and confirm her fever, he though it would be best if we went over to the emergency room to get checked out.

What a zoo! The waiting room wasn't busy but it sure was packed inside. Lauren was put on a stretcher in the hallway because there were no rooms available. We got to see all the action! Some dude got wheeled in handcuffed to his stretcher and yelling at the top of his lungs. He threaten to kill one of the security guards when he got out of the hospital. Nice guy. We got a room shortly after.

Anyway, back to Lauren. They did some tests and drew some labs and came to the conclusion that she has some kind of infection - not exactly sure what kind though. C-sections can cause a couple different infections. They gave her some IV antibiotics but wanted to monitor her overnight. So we'll be hanging out in a hospital room tonight instead of the Renucci House.

Lewis has an ultrasound on his head tonight to check the size of his ventricles again. Neurosurgery will review that in the morning. Plastic surgery will also be by to take a look at his back (the deciding factor on when he gets to roll over). Please pray that everything is ok with his head and back tomorrow. Also, pray that Lauren gets well and we can go back to the Renucci House tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. Coleman, I love reading up on little Lewis. He is adorable, congrats on your first Father's Day!

  2. Hey man, been following the whole time. I know we only met a few times, but I wanna say I'm wishing you the best. Keep your head up!

  3. Wow guys! I sure hope Lauren gets to feeling better and Lewis gets his wish as well. Happy Fathers day Coleman. Both of you be sure to get your rest now cause we don't want mom and dad to get run down.
    Love ya's
    Aunt Mary


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