Friday, June 18, 2010


So not a lot happened yesterday. One of Lauren's friends from Service League came by to visit after lunch. Later that afternoon a physical therapist came by to see Lewis. Since he doesn't have much function in his legs, his legs don't get the exercise they need. They are stiff at all the joints. Also, since he's on his stomach, he needs help with his arms, too. So the physical therapist was doing some stretches and exercises with him. They are all things we're going to have to do with him once he gets out of the hospital. Nothing too extreme, just a couple times a day wherever it fits into our schedule.

Yesterday the doctors told us that they had ordered an ultrasound on Lewis's head. It seems his head has been growing slightly each day. They wanted to check the ventricles out to make sure the shunt was working properly. So early this morning he had the ultrasound and Dr. Foody took a look at it. He said everything looked good but he wanted another one done on Monday to make sure. Then Monday if something needs to be done, it will likely be a program change on his shunt to allow for more drainage. Sounded scary at first but I don't think it will be a big deal.

After we checked up on Lewis this morning, we ate some lunch and headed over to Muskegon to take care of some things at the house. Mainly we just wanted to clean up a bit, check our mail, and keg my homebrew (well that last one wasn't exactly on our list but I got it done anyway!). We had to hurry back to GR though because there was a church group serving dinner at the Renucci House tonight. And if it was anything like last night we needed to by there on time!

We went down to see Lewis after dinner tonight. We got there around 7:30 and he had just woken up to eat. They are training him so well here! We did his usual care routine and then fed him. I think it's easier to feed him when he is in one of our laps as opposed to in his bed. I think he does better with it that way, too. He downed his whole bottle tonight! Hopefully he continues that so he can lose that pesky feeding tube that's shoved up his nose.

We also did some of those stretches the physical therapist showed us tonight. He was a good sport about it. He didn't get too fussy with me when I was pulling out his legs and raising his arms above his head. He'll have to get used to it either way because there will be much more where that came from!

Here's some pictures from today:


  1. He is so adorable, is that red hair I see? Prayers and loving thoughts going to the Miller Fam....Love the Reilly's

  2. Hi Lauren, Coleman and Lewis,
    Thanks for the pictures and the posts again. I love the one with Coleman doing the stretches on Lewis' arms. If someone was stretching my arms out like that while I was trying to rest, I wouldn't be such a good sport ;<). Always thinking of you. Keep sending pics so I can show off my great-nephew.
    Love you guys,
    Aunt Mary

  3. He's so adorable, such a cute little boy...thinking of you guys and saying a prayer everyday for baby lewis :)...Lots of love to you both...Kelly Reilly xo


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