Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Weekend

Hard to believe the weekend is already over.

Saturday we got ready for the day and went to visit Lewis. Lauren didn't stay too long - she had to head back to Muskegon for her friend Sarah's baby shower. Lewis didn't have to wait too much longer for more visitors though.

My parents, sister, and sister's boyfriend were stopping in Grand Rapids on their way home from Pentwater to see Lewis. So, about 5 min after Lauren left the NICU, Aunt Natalie and her boyfriend, Austin, arrived to visit Lewis. Natalie got to hold Lewis for a while. He likes being held! Shortly after they came, my parents got there. Natalie passed off Lewis to my mom and she and Austin headed out. My parents stayed and talked and held Lewis for about an hour and a half. I think they could have stayed all day with him! We grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria after visiting Lewis before they, too, headed home.

Lauren got back from Muskegon around 5. As soon as she got here we went back down so Lauren could nurse Lewis. After Lewis finished eating, we decided to go out and see a movie. It was nice to take a break from all the running around and hospitaling we've been doing lately. We saw Grown Ups - it was pretty funny! After our movie it was time to feed Lewis again - so we headed on back over to the NICU. When we got there the greeter at the NICU told us that she heard Lewis crying around 8. She had heard us a couple times say something about hearing Lewis crying as we were signing in. It's funny that other people recognize his cry! We hung out with Lewis until a little after midnight before calling it a night.

Today, after we got ready, we went over to hang out with Lewis. We like just being down there with him. Of course, we would like it a lot more if we could hang out with him in our house. I bet he'd like that a lot more, too. In between visits to the NICU we did a bit of grocery shopping. It's so nice that they have refrigerators available for use to keep our food. Tonight a local organization came in and cooked a meal for the guests here at the Renucci House. Ribs! It was really good. I hear they are having another meal tomorrow night!

After dinner we went over to see Lewis again. We spent a couple hours with him before heading back to the room. Hopefully we can get to bed somewhat early since I have to be up for work in the morning.

Here's some pictures from the weekend:

Lauren made fun of me for parting his hair...

He weaseled his arm out of his burrito

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