Monday, July 25, 2011

Sad Lewis

Ok so this video requires a little bit of explanation. When Lewis was a little younger and would get sad and cry, I would sing songs to him like "Jesus Loves Me," "Rockabye Baby," "Jesus Loves the Little Children," and songs like that. Recently, I tried singing those songs to him when he wasn't sad and it actually MADE him sad. I think he just associates those songs with being sad (although, admittedly, it might be my singing!) Anyway, so of course I had to get it on video, even though it seems kind of mean!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lewis lately

I just wanted to share some videos of a few things Lewis has been up to recently.

He loves his bath time and bath toys 

He's learning his body parts. So far he knows belly and feet. 
He also knows mommy's nose and daddy's nose but hasn't quite figured out how to locate his own.

He's also learning to share..... his food with Gauge. 
Lewis thinks it's hilarious and Gauge thinks he won the lottery.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

This summer so far...

It has been WAY too long since I blogged. We've had a pretty busy month filled with a lot of blog-worthy things. But this summer is so jam-packed with fun, I just don't have time to devote a blog to each event. Soooo.... I'll get you caught up with a quick recap!

So far this summer, 
Lewis had a birthday,

and ate some cake!

He got spoiled by some pretty cool people

who taught him some new tricks... and took great care of him while...

Mommy and Daddy spent some time in San Francisco,

took a frustratingly long hike with a friend...

 missed Lewis a lot, but had a REALLY great time!

Once home, Lewis got his first haircut

and is much happier sans shag!

Then we spent the 4th of July at the beach

where Lewis discovered sand and LOVED it. 

 To sum it all up, our little boy is getting SO BIG, this summer is going by SO FAST, and we are having 

Hope you're enjoying your summer as well!
The Millers

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