Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Another Day...

Hi, it's Lauren again. I figured it's probably my turn to write an update again. Coleman was in Muskegon working all day today so I'm the one that got all the updates anyway.

Dr. Foody came to visit Lewis before I got there this morning. He noticed swelling around Lewis's shunt and had his assistant come back later to do an adjustment. It will be a few days before we know if the adjustment did the trick. If not, he'll do a scan of the shunt to make sure there are no blockages. Please pray that the adjustment is all that is needed. We don't want Lewis to have to have another surgery!

The plastic surgeon's assistant also stopped by today to check on how Lewis's back is healing. It's not healing as well as they would like. They're concerned that the incision site is getting rubbed. If the "blister" gets opened up, that could be very bad. They're going to order a new kind of bandage to put on top and see if that helps. We're also supposed to be very very careful to not put pressure on his back and only put him on his side when breastfeeding. We already feel like we're being very careful.... it's kind of nerve-wracking.

So on to some happy news... we've decided to nurse Lewis at every feeding during the day. Basically I'll call down in the morning to let the nurse know I'm up. Then she'll call me every time Lewis is ready to eat during the day and I'll come down to nurse him until I'm ready to go to bed at night. We started that today and it has been going great! Another advantage of that is not having to pump during the day. That literally adds hours to my day... more time to spend with Lewis!

Well I think we should be getting a phone call soon... he's probably getting hungry!


  1. Happy 3 Week Birthday to Lewis! Thinking of you and praying for him each day.

  2. Lewis has the best mama and daddy in the world. : ) I am thankful for these blogs so we can pray for you all in specific ways. How wonderful that you can still nurse him and spend so much time with him through the day! I pray Jesus puts you at ease. You are a dear heart, and the very 'carefullest' of moms. Hugs to you all - Deidre, for the Buckingham's


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