Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, again, it's been a while since we posted last. A lot has happened in the last month and a half. I finished up my Navy annual training (AT) and got back home April 24. I set that up with a couple friends from school. It was nice to catch up with them, hadn't seen them in a long time. After AT, they went to the Bahamas and I went back to work - something's wrong with that picture. Oh well.

So on to baby news. Lauren started going to the Dr. every 2 weeks starting mid April and weekly starting mid May. Each visit was accompanied by an NST. During one of the NSTs the nurse yelled over from behind the screen, "Lauren, can you feel your contractions?" Lauren and I looked at each other - "No..." The nurse showed the results to the Dr. who decided Lauren should head next door to the hospital for further testing. So we got to spend that afternoon in the hospital, yay! The only thing that really came out of the whole hospital visit was nervousness. Everything was fine with the baby and these "contractions" were nothing more than a little stress from excess amniotic fluid. So we left a little shaken but glad that everything was still ok. Since then we haven't had any issues and they tell us that baby is looking good! He's right in the 50% for weight, he's moving around a lot, and, for some strange reason, he has the hiccups about 5 times a day. We had an ultrasound today and they showed us that he was practicing his breathing skills. He's going to need them come Tuesday. Oh yea, for those of you that haven't heard yet - Lauren is scheduled to have the C-section on Tuesday, June 8. Everyone has been asking us what his name is. Up until this past weekend we've had to tell everyone that we didn't have one yet. Well now we have a name...but you'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out what it is. Ha.

Everything is ready for the little man to join the household. His room is all finished, we have tons of clothes, diaper bags are packed, car seat base/infant carrier in place, ... We've had everything finished up for about a week now. It's been kind of strange. We were used to always having something to work on around the house. The last week we've just been relaxing. I guess we will enjoy the last bit of relaxing we can get this weekend. I think that will end very shortly. We're ready though. It's been a long 9 months: Lauren finding out she was pregnant while I was out sailing on a tug boat, the excitement of a new addition to the family, finding out the little man has SB, meeting all the doctors, connecting with new friends who have been in our shoes before and helped us out immensely, realizing everything will be just fine, getting ready for the big day... And now, that big day is only 4 short days away. We can't wait.

Finally, my best friend and his wife just welcomed baby Carson on May 28. Congratulations Jason and Tasha! We'll get the boys together ASAP!

PS - Here's some pictures

Lauren and I (5/30/10)

Baby Room Pics


  1. My love to both of you. The room looks adorable and that is one lucky man to come into this world to have parents like you!! Good luck on Tuesday and keep us posted with pictures asap.
    Love Mrs Reilly

  2. Every time I get on here and see you guys and hear the joy in your words and in your plans getting ready to meet this beautiful bundle of joy and love I cry!!! I am so happy for you, so proud of you and in my heart, so there with you. You will all be in my prayers as always but especially on little Mr. Millers birthday!!
    Much love! Great Aunt Sue!! PS Don't know why but that sounds much older than just Grandma!?!?

  3. Very nice looking room guys! it looks great.
    you too are going to be great parents,I know you are looking fwd to having three of you in the Miller house hold.......4, sorry Gauge!

  4. praying for you preparing for your day tomorrow and for a good night sleep.


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