Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Free (again)

I decided to give Coleman a break and write an update for a change. I planned to give him a break on Father's day but instead I made him sit in the emergency room for 5 hours and spend the night on a fold out couch/futon thing in a hospital room where someone walks in at least once an hour to "just check." Sorry Coleman!

So I spent 2 nights in the hospital before they finally released me. They never did find out what the infection was but apparently the antibiotics they gave me in the ER took care of it because I haven't had a fever since then. I don't think I make a very good patient... as soon as I felt better (which was as soon as they gave me the antibiotics) I wanted them to let me go home. They wanted to keep me for 24-48 hours more to observe me and I was not happy about that! They even did a CT scan (at 2:30 in the morning...) to double check some things and they still didn't find anything.

Last night was kind of exciting... we had to go sit in the hallway for a while because there was a tornado warning. It lasted from about 1:00 to 1:45. The nurse informed us that it was the first time it's happened in the 29 years she's worked there. Wow... I guess this isn't Central Illinois.

So today is Lewis's 2 week birthday. We were hoping that would mean he could lay on his back. His incision still looks a little "dusky" in spots so they want to monitor it for a little longer and maybe put him on his back for short periods within the next couple days. We're praying it heals up quickly.

Lewis has been taking his full feedings most times today. Once he's off his belly he'll probably guzzle it right down. Then he can get that yucky tube out of his nose and maybe we can try some breastfeeding.

They did another ultrasound yesterday morning. The ventricles don't look any larger than they did last week although they do look slightly larger than they did initially. They're just going to leave it for now. Personally, I think his soft spot feels a little firmer but apparently they still think it feels alright. One of the neonatologists said that sometimes they wait until right before the babies leave to make adjustments to the shunt. Kind of frustrating... but I guess they want to just wait and see what happens before they make any decisions. When we went to visit Lewis after the ultrasound he had some dried ultrasound goo left in his hair so the nurse got a comb so I could brush it out. His hair is pretty long already! Prety soon he'll need a haircut and I think I know just the person who can do it... ;)

We've seen him move his legs and feet around quite a bit since we've been here. We get excited every time we see them wiggle! We want to take a video to show off his kickers but he mostly moves them when he's screaming and I don't know that the rest of the sleeping babies (and nurses) in the room would appreciate us letting our baby scream while we video-tape his cute little legs! So you'll just have to come see them in person!

We took a nice walk to a park near here today. It was great to get some fresh air and sunshine for a change. We couldn't spend too long there since I had to get back and pump but I'm sure we'll do it again soon. Which reminds me... let me tell you one of the reasons Coleman is such a great dad already! He washes all my pump parts by hand in a tiny sink EVERY time I pump. Even in the middle of the night. And I pump 8-10 times a day so you can do the math... I really really appreciate that and Lewis appreciates the milk that goes through the clean parts ;)

Kevin and Sarah stopped by again this evening and brought us my favorite thing... food! We really love that there is food available here at the Renucci house but it definitely is not as nutritious or high-quality as we would eat at home. So thanks, guys, it was delicious!! Lewis was wide awake when we went to visit him so they got to hold him for the first time. I bet they can't wait to hold their own little one soon. We can't wait to hold her too!

Well I think that's all the updates for now. We're going to go down for the 11:00 feeding and hopefully get some good sleep tonight. Here's a picture to hold you over until you can see him from the front! :)


  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling better Lauren. Love, Sarah

  2. Lauren & Coleman,
    So glad to hear that you have been "sprung" from the hospital and that you are feeling better. It is great news regarding Lewis. I can only imagine how it would be not to cuddle him against your chest and take in all that new baby smell as often as you want. Praying for you that you will get that soon and more in taking him home. With all your news, I finally remembered to tell your Dad that my youngest turned 3 on June 8th. Definitely a great day! Take care and love the posts.
    Jodi Stotler


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