Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Progress

Today was a pretty good day! I had some work to take care of this morning but after that we got ready for the day, ate some lunch, and went to see Lewis. On our way in to see him we looked through the basket full of stocking hats. A group of people (old ladies i'm sure) knit hats for the NICU kids. They have a whole room full of them. We had picked up some before but they were all too small for Lewis's head. Most of the hats are made to fit premature babies. Well there was a big one in the pile today so we snagged it.

He looks pretty cute in a hat! So after we visited Lewis we decided it would be nice to get out and take a break from the hospital. We went to Target. We picked up a radio for Lewis's room so he can play his Beatles (thanks Becky and Jeff), Queen, and Led Zeppelin lullaby CDs. We also picked up some other odds/ends things.

We headed back to the hospital so Lauren could pump, and then decided to go out to dinner for Father's Day. We had originally planned on going out on Sunday but the ER trip kinda of nixed those plans. So we wanted to go to this tapas restaurant but drove by and it was closed - only open for breakfast and lunch. We drove around and went by Bistro Bella Vita and decided to go there. Very nice dinner, and they had a good beer selection too!

After dinner we went back down to see Lewis again. We walked in and were surprised to see that he had a shirt on (well maybe more of a baby hospital gown). It was kinda weird to see him with something other than just a diaper on. Oh, he still had his hat on too!

While we were sitting there the nurse told us that Dr. Mann had been down earlier in the afternoon to check on Lewis. She had some good news for us. While Dr. Mann was in no hurry to put Lewis on his back, he did think it was ok for Lewis to be held on his side! That should help with the feedings and he will also be able to start breast feeding soon. Speaking of feedings, Lewis has been drinking all his milk lately. The nurse said that if he continues taking his feedings, he can get rid of that feeding tube as early as tomorrow morning! The nurse also said that since he doesn't really need to be in his isolette, he can move to a big boy crib tonight!

So we're heading back down at 11 to feed him and put him in his new bed!


  1. Okay Lauren...NO WAY did you just have a baby!! You look FABULOUS! (You too Coleman! LOL) I love seeing these updates all the time; thanks for keeping us all included in what's going on. Hugs and kisses all around!
    Aunt Angela

  2. So happy to hear the great news! Everyday new to all...The Reilly's

  3. Lauren, you look FABULOUS!!!! You definately do not look like you just had a baby! ...Lewis is so cute. I can't wait to meet him in person. :) Love the postings, and we'll continue praying for you all. Happy Father's Day, Coleman!!! :) Hugs to you all!


  4. That is wonderful! I just love his new little t-shirt. He is sooo adorable! Thank you for all the updates. I look forward to every new guys do a great job! Lewis is always in our prayers. Lauren, you look awesome and happy 1st daddy's day Coleman!
    Tammy, Brian and Bennett Barron


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