Sunday, July 25, 2010

Light on News, Heavy on Pictures

Wow we are really slacking on the updates... sorry! We don't really have much to talk about but we have a lot of pictures to share! Before we get to those, I'll tell you what Lewis has been up to the past week or so. My parents and sister came up to visit us for a couples days so we decided to take Lewis on his first trip to the beach. He loved it! Actually he slept the whole time... but I'm sure the sound of the waves was soothing! We passed him around and got his first beach pictures... maybe next time he'll be awake for them.

We also had another appt with neurosurgery. This time the appointment was with Dr. Foody. A couple good things came out of that appointment. Dr. Foody gave the ok to hold Lewis upright. We had been doing that for short periods of time, but now we can do it whenever we want! It's exciting to be able to hold him on my shoulder! Dr. Foody also commented that Lewis has good leg movement. We love to hear that! Dr. Foody also said he doesn't want to see Lewis again for 4-6 weeks. YES! I was concerned before we went because I had noticed his head circumference had gone up a little. (I measure it crazy-often) Dr. Foody wasn't concerned and I just have to remind myself that heads grow.

So Lewis is getting very close to consistently sleeping through the night. He slept at least 8 hours for a couple nights in a row. He'll do it for a few days then wake up once the next night. I'm sure pretty soon he'll be sleeping till morning every night! He also has been smiling and laughing a lot. We need to get a picture of it because I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Like I said, not much news... but I guess that's a good thing! We do have TONS of pictures though, so enjoy! There will be many more soon, I'm sure!

So bright!

So we're a little late starting the monthly growth pictures. We want them to all be in this chair but he can't exactly sit up yet so he's kind of just propped up there. Yes, he started to fall over after this picture. And yes, I am standing right above him ready to catch him when he started to tip. Yes, he hated it.

Chilling with Dad

Doesn't quite know what to think of the Bumbo seat yet...

Family photo!

Love that little smirk!

Our little elf!


  1. What a great update!! No news is GOOD news!! He is too precious!

    Oh and P.S. Lauren, your hair curly is super cute!!

  2. I love all the photos! Lewis has got to be one of the most animated babies ever :) SO happy to hear that things are going well


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