Friday, August 13, 2010

2 Months Old!

Happy Birthday Lewis! Sunday was Lewis's 2 month birthday and it also marked a month of being home. It's crazy to think that we've been home now for longer than we were in the hospital. The time in the hospital crept by so slowly while the time at home has gone by so fast! Lewis has done a lot in the last month. A lot of firsts... tonight will be his first Taste of the Northside... yum yum. We're going to walk there which is exciting because the stroller has cupholders... leaving both hands open to carry food!

We spent last weekend in Pentwater with Coleman's parents and sister. Lewis is becoming quite the beach bum! It was also our first overnight trip with Lewis... and let's just say we're glad that he has his own room at home. He's not a quiet sleeper. We had a lot of fun though and we really wish we could have stayed longer.

We had our first meeting with Early On this week. They came to the house to assess Lewis and have me fill out some paperwork. The assessment went really well. Lewis is doing everything he should be doing at this age and more. They said that if he didn't have Spina Bifida, he wouldn't qualify for Early On. But luckily SB automatically qualifies him. We have one more meeting to fill out more paperwork before the Physical Therapist will start coming weekly in September. While she was assessing/playing with Lewis she seemed pretty impressed with Lewis's leg movement. I'm not sure if we've ever talked about it on here, but Lewis does have movement in his legs. And it's not just twitches. His right leg kicks all over the place. Not like your average baby, but sometimes I do have to hold it down so I can change his diaper. His left leg doesn't move nearly as much. It's hard to tell what movements are actually coming from the left leg and which are just the left leg getting tossed around from the movement on his right side. The Physical Therapist held his right leg down to show that his left leg does move independently. I'll take any movement I can get! Movement means that things are connected and messages are getting sent so we have something to work with!! I'm not ashamed to admit that I tickle Lewis A LOT... half because I like to see him smile... and half because I like to see him kick his little legs!

Next week Lewis has an appointment to get his tongue fixed. He is tongue-tied so we decided to get it fixed so he can eat a little easier. It will also help with speech as he gets older. Lewis's doctor doesn't do it himself in the office so we're going to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor to get it done. While we're there we're going to have them check out his stridor. It doesn't really affect him that much but we did find out that it can be related to Arnold Chiari malformation (more SB talk... basically it just means that the stridor could be related to SB.) Don't google any of this or you'll see scary things! Like I said, he doesn't seem bothered by the stridor so I don't think it's a big deal, they're just going to check it out since he'll be there anyway.

August is turning out to be a fun, busy month. Where has the summer gone? We're looking forward to lots of visitors before it's over!

On the Porch in Pentwater

Sometimes Lewis does stretches outside... while also doing his best impression of a zombie...

Sleepy baby... and look at all that blonde hair!

Hanging out on the beach with Dad

He loves to look out at the Lake... but it's just so bright!

Watching his tugboats go around and around... I've probably wound that thing 200 times in the past week.

Lazy afternoon in the backyard

Recently Lewis has started sucking his fingers. Mainly his index finger... unless his thumb is more convenient.

But if he accidentally loses it, he gets so sad

Look at that strong neck!


  1. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm glad the little guy is kicking. In the therapy world the theory is as long as there is movement there is great potential. This is a great way for you guys to keep family/friends informed.

  2. Wow, how much he has grown! I love his big blue eyes. Thanks for keeping us posted it's so wonderful to hear the great news.

  3. Lewis is so adorable...he's gonna be a heartbreaker with those baby blues!! Love the pictures and so happy about the great news!!

  4. hehe Sooo cute! I love the videos! We're so happy to hear that awesome news! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

    Julie and Forest

  5. I just love that little guy! It looks like he's doing great. I especially like the photo of him smiling at his mobile- so precious! Congratulations on 2 months!

  6. The picture of him doing his stretches and looking like a zombie is hilarious!! I love it! It looks like he is doing so great and loving his life at home!! YAY for 2 months!! now quick hit pause because before you know it he will be 18 months!! AAAHHH!! :)

  7. It was great to see you both last week. I hope all went well with his tongue. These pictures of him are fantastic!

  8. you should put the strong neck video to rap music. it would just be that much funnier. :-)


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