Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Surgery Today!

Coleman back reporting today. We went down to be with Lewis at 8 this morning. None of the doctors had been there yet to see him. We decided that before things started happening we should go grab some breakfast. So we headed up to the cafeteria to eat. When we got back down to Lewis, Dr. Foody's PA was checking him out. She felt his soft spot and measured his head circumference. She thought everything felt ok but wanted an ultrasound to confirm. About a half hour later, the ultrasound tech came in. She gelled up his hair and started the ultrasound. It only took about 5 min. Lewis did really well, too - considering it was 9:30 and he hadn't eaten since 3. Dr. Foody was in surgery while Lewis was having his ultrasound so it took about another hour to finally hear what the verdict was. No surgery today! We were both very happy to hear that! Seems that everything is working properly.

So after we found out that there was no surgery, our next mission was to get some food in Lewis's belly. He was pretty hungry at 11 when the doctors finally wrote in that he could be fed again. They went right back to the "eat however much he wants whenever he wants" routine. Sounds good to us. After Lauren fed Lewis, I grabbed my things and headed over to Muskegon to go to work for the afternoon.

While I was at work the doctors decided to make one more adjustment to Lewis's shunt. They changed it from 1 to 0.5. After his adjustment his soft spot was really sunken in, like it was draining too much fluid. They are going to come back tomorrow and see how it looks. Actually, they will probably be coming back every day regardless to check his head and make sure everything is working ok.

Also, while I was at work, Lauren's friend Becky came up from St Louis to visit. Lauren's glad to have someone to hang out with while I'm at work. Unfortunately, Becky's stay will be a short one, she's headed back home tomorrow. While she's headed south, Lauren's family will be headed north to come visit for the weekend. Lewis is excited to see them again.

Well, til tomorrow -

We used the ultrasound gel to give Lewis his first mohawk!

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