Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're Home!

First off - Happy 1 month birthday, Lewis! It's hard to believe that he's already a month old. Crazy. The doctors and nurses gave Lewis a pretty sweet present today, too - his discharge papers!

Very early this morning, Lewis went in for a renal ultrasound. The VCUG test yesterday showed that there was some reflux which was confirmed with that ultrasound. Basically the reflux is a small amount of urine going back up toward the kidneys. It's something they will have to monitor. Nothing too pressing though since his appointment with the urologist isn't until October.

After his tests were finished the doctors starting working on his discharge paperwork. We stopped in to see Lewis after we got ready for the day. The nurse told us to give the Neurosurgery PA a call to go over some things. She went over the signs of shunt malfunction and answered any questions we had. We'll be seeing them Monday afternoon.

After that phone call we decided we should finish packing up our room at the Renucci House. It's unbelievable how much stuff gets accumulated over a month's time! Once the room was packed, Lauren headed over to feed Lewis while I loaded everything in the car. That Honda was as packed as it will ever get! I don't think one more thing would have fit in that car (safely).

Shortly after I finished loading the car, I headed up to Lewis's room. We sat down with Dr. Shaw (one of the Neonatologists) to go over his discharge papers. The papers pretty much outlined all the things that Lewis has had done over the last month and all of his future appointments. After our talk with Dr. Shaw, he said we were free to go! Unfortunately we had to stick around a couple more minutes.

The nurses were trying to find some more of the new Vigilon. It seems that Lewis had the entire hospital stock in his room! They said a box should be in tomorrow. If so, I'll have to run back over to GR to pick it up. If not, they sent us home with his old style dressings to hold us over until we can get our hands on the Vigilon.

So after that whole ordeal, it was time to make the procession to the car! We got stopped by about 10 nurses on the way out of the NICU who wanted to see him one more time before we left. The greeter at the NICU wanted to see him and so did the information lady at Ramp 6 who has seen us walk by her desk 10 times/day for the last month. He was a pretty popular guy today. Then, finally, we made it to the car.

The trip home was pretty uneventful. Lewis was really excited to see the world outside of the NICU and tried his hardest to stay awake - but it didn't work. He was fast asleep as soon as we got on I96. We got home, got the car unpacked, fed Lewis, fed ourselves, and started the unpacking process. We got tired of that pretty quick and decided to take Lewis on a walk. We haven't really been outside in the last month and neither has Lewis. So we got out the stroller and took Lewis on his first walk! He had to lay on his belly in the stroller but he loved it. Actually, I don't know if he even knows we went on a walk, he was asleep the whole time!

Things are going to be a little weird around the house for the next few days. We're not used to having him around 24/7. It seems like there is so much to do - feedings, diaper changes, dressing changes, medications. Not to mention that we haven't gone grocery shopping in a month, the lawn needs mowed, etc. We'll be busy, thats for sure. But I'm sure that in no time this will all be the norm and we won't think anything of it. We are beyond excited to have Lewis home and starting getting our life back on track!

I just want to take a minute here and thank everyone that has been praying for Lewis and everyone that has been following along over the last month. We have gotten so many words of encouragement. We truly feel blessed to have such great support. Thank you! Please continue to keep Lewis in your prayers - that his back heals, his shunt continues to work, and that he adjusts to home life with ease.

Here are some pictures from Lewis's big day:

Lewis's first time on his back

Lewis getting dressed in his "going home" clothes - which also happens to be the first outfit he's ever worn

On our way out the door!


Going on a walk

Too sleepy for a diaper's been a long day!


  1. Best post yet!!! :) I'm so happy that Lewis is finally home!! He will continue to be in our prayers that he keeps healing like a champ!! I can't wait to see the little guy again!

  2. Best news of the day! So glad to hear you are all finally home together. Thinking of you and will continue to pray!

  3. So happy to hear that the Miller family is all under one roof! Lewis is so precious and always in our daily prayers. Did they train him to sleep through the night in the hospital? One could only wish.....Love to all, The Reilly's

  4. So happy for the 3 of you. Lewis is so cute! It's fun to see him in his little outfits. Adorable baby! What a sweet family!


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