Sunday, July 11, 2010

The First Days

So we've been home for 4 days now and things are going great! We're starting to settle into a routine. Lewis wakes up around 7-7:30 and gets fed and changed. We play with him for a while and then it's nap time. We repeat this cycle every 2.5-3 hours until 9-9:30. Then he gets fed and changed and goes right to bed for the night. Lewis is doing pretty good on this schedule. I guess that's one benifit of being in the NICU - your baby comes home and is used to being on a routine. Ours is a little less strict and works around our daily activities though. He seems to be taking to our routine pretty well. Last night he went from 11 pm - 4am without waking up!

Lewis has also had some visitors come by to see him this weekend. Some of our neighbors stopped over to meet the little guy. Some of my family stopped in today on their way home from Ludington to meet Lewis. He loves meeting new friends. Anyone that's in the area and wants to stop by is welcome as long as you follow 2 rules: 1. Call us first. 2. You are healthy.

Lewis has also had some exciting new adventures since he's been home. He's been on a few walks around the neighborhood, gone to the farmers market, and even gone swimming at the neighbor's. Ok, more like sleeping in his stroller next to the pool while mom and dad took turns swimming but he did have is swimsuit on!

Anyway, this whole baby thing is causing a lack of sleep for the grownups in the house - so I'm going to retire for the night. You know what though, the more I stay up the more I get to spend time with my little buddy. So it's OK!

Here's some pictures since we've been home:

Welcome Home Lauren and Lewis!

Lewis is ready to go swimming (or napping)

I love baths!

Just Kidding!

Lewis love's hanging with dad!

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  1. He looks so old in that last picture!! Love and kisses Gran. Sandy


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