Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Week Home

I'm writing this blog from Coleman's computer because mine crashed. :( Luckily I back up all my important stuff (pictures) every once in a while so I didn't lose those. When I came home from the hospital, I came home to 755 work emails... mainly some professional listservs that I subscribe to. Those are not backed up... I'm so disappointed... or not. So it looks like we'll be getting me a new computer. I wanted a new camera so I could take better pictures of Lewis but oh well, that will have to wait.

Since our last post, we had a couple doctor's appointments. First was the neurosurgeon who measured Lewis's head circumference and looked at the incision on his back. Seriously? I drove to Grand Rapids for that? I could have told them what his head circumference is and sent them a picture of his back. Oh well. They want to see him again next Wednesday. Right after that appt we'll be visiting the Conductive Learning Center. I'm pretty excited about that! Lewis also had an appointment with his pediatrician. The nurse who was checking Lewis out before the doctor came in kept going on about how that was her first time seeing a baby with Spina Bifida and how he's "so fragile." I can't blame her for not knowing anything about SB... I didn't either. But trust me, he's not fragile, he's a pretty tough little guy!

Lewis has been doing great on his new at home schedule. He's been giving us 6 hours straight of sleep at night. Then we just feed and change him and he goes right back down till morning. Pretty good for the first few days at home... I just hope it's not a fluke!

Lewis got some exciting visitors this week... his Grandparents! Coleman's parents came to visit on Monday and stayed until this morning. He got to spend lots of time with them and even showed them how much he loves (or hates...) getting a bath! They even watched Lewis while Coleman and I went out for our anniversary! We had a nice dinner and Lewis got to hang out with his grandparents. (Those hundreds of frozen bottles of breastmilk we brought home with us from the hospital are going to come in very handy when we want a night out!) We all had a great time and I'm sure they'll be frequent visitors! :)

With Coleman's parents came the final member of our family... Gauge! He's been staying with them since Lewis was born. We really appreciate them watching him and I know Gauge gets spoiled! Gauge felt a little abandoned after being away for an entire month. He even left his food untouched a couple times while he was gone. If you know Gauge, you know that is VERY uncharacteristic. But now that it's just the 4 of us here, he's starting to get back to his playful self. I think he knows we're not going to leave him.

Gauge and Lewis might not know it yet, but they're going to be best buds. We were very excited for them to meet. Gauge is just very curious of Lewis... always sniffing him. He's been very good with him so far. He knows not to go on Lewis's blanket (even though we let him lay on it in the picture) and he knows that he can sniff Lewis's face, but not touch it. He still has a few things to learn... like don't shake your rope toy next to the baby's head... but he'll get it. Here are a couple pictures of one of their first encounters.

Lewis doing his stretches while Gauge watches curiously

Sniffing a finger

Checking each other out

Best buds :)

Oh and check out this link:

It's Lewis's hospital picture! hahaha! My favorite is the last one! In all these pictures, Lewis had just had the pacifier ripped out of his mouth. They use it to hold the baby's head straight then they pop it out and snap a picture. The result is pretty funny! For some more laughs, Coleman and I recommend checking out some of the other dates at Some of the names are ridiculous... poor kids!

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