Monday, January 3, 2011

First Christmas

We hope you all had a fun Christmas. We really enjoyed Lewis's first Christmas and are really looking forward to the years to come when he can really enjoy it too! At the last minute we decided to travel to Illinois to spend Christmas with our families. It was a short, busy trip but we were happy to see everyone. Since we wouldn't be home on Christmas we decided to have Christmas a few days early at the Miller house. We got Lewis up and he opened his gifts and played with his new toys and it was a lot of fun. Lewis really enjoyed his new ball-popper toy... although I'm not quite sure he's using it for its intended purpose...

While wrapping presents, we also discovered that Lewis doesn't quite know what to think of tissue paper. He's fine with wrapping paper... but tissue paper is another story, as you can see. 

Lewis FINALLY got to meet his Uncle Joey

He put lots of new things in his mouth

He got to try out his new portable "high chair"

 He got this new table which he uses to practice his tall kneeling

He loves it! And mom is learning some Spanish while he plays...

He also got this cool therapy crocodile that he's sitting on. He does a lot of different things with it but one of his favorite things to do is sit on it with his feet flat on the ground while playing at this table. Look at that grin! Oh man I love that little guy!

He got some new bath toys which make bath time even more fun... if that's possible

 And he practiced his kicking while hanging out in the tub (Like my sweet blurring skills?!)
Because of all the kicking that Lewis does while in the water, I've decided to sign him up for Aqua Therapy. I found a place in Muskegon that works with kids his age. We go in for the assessment next week and I'm really excited to try something new (especially something that doesn't involve driving to GR!)

At the end of it all, he was exhausted and just vegged while the rest of us played Wii

Happy New Year!
Lauren, Coleman, and Lewis


  1. Adorable!!!
    Happy New Year...Love the Reilly's

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I just found your blog - Lewis is so adorable! I LOVE the blurring - I put a leaf over Nick when I posted a bath pic of Nick.


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