Monday, October 24, 2011

Crawling forward

I  have a couple videos here that I took to show some of Lewis's progress. The first is from a couple months ago and the second is from yesterday. You can see that in the first, Lewis keeps his left arm under him and the right arm out. We think this is because Lewis can lean into his left hip better. When you lay on your stomach and lift one arm, you shift your weight to the opposite hip. It's harder for him to shift his weight to his right hip, even though it's his stronger hip. We've been working on that a lot in therapy and it's helped him to adopt a new crawling style. In the second video, you can see his arms are much more symmetrical. It's definitely still a work in progress... if he's tired or on surfaces that are harder to crawl over, he'll fall back on his old style, but I still think the improvement is huge.


  1. Lauren! That is awesome. It is also neat to see how much quicker he is moving now. Yay. Good work Lewis. xo

  2. I tried to post earlier today, but apparently it didn't work. Anyways, I wanted to say great videos! Grayden is cawling exactly like Lewis in the first video. I have found myself getting impatient, but watching Lewis gives me hope that we aren't far away from slightly more symmetrical crawling. Way to go Lewis, thanks for being our little role model and inspiration!


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