Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why would anyone want to be a urologist?

We're coming to that time of year that's full of appointments. All the doctors wanted to see us back in 6 months, so they all end up around the same time. Today we went to see Lewis's urologist. He had an ultrasound and checkup. We found out while Lewis was in the NICU that he has bilateral reflux (grade 2/3). Basically, when his bladder contracts, some urine goes back up the ureters towards his kidneys. This puts Lewis at risk for a urinary tract infection and ultimately, kidney infection. Since we found out, he's been on daily antibiotics to keep the bacteria at bay. So far he's been UTI free, which is awesome! Typically kids usually get their first UTI by the time they're a year old. He'll still be at risk for them after that, but the risk is less. Soooooo since he's been UTI free so far, and as long as he remains UTI free for the next 3 months, the doctor said we can stop the antibiotics when Lewis is a year old! YAY!!

His kidneys looked good on the ultrasound. Kids with SB typically have small kidneys, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Lewis's are on the small side for his age. The doctor said they may be the right size for his weight, but they don't chart it that way (which makes no sense to me). Anyway, they've grown since last time, so they look healthy.

I'm glad they're keeping such a close eye on Lewis's bladder and kidney health. Not long ago, people with SB frequently died from kidney infections. But nowadays, if the doctors suspected an issue, we'd start cathing in order to keep his kidneys healthy. I'm sure we'll get there eventually, but for now we're enjoying a few more months of no cathing!

I love it when the sun starts shining in that window in the afternoon. You know what it means? 
Spring is coming! We can't wait!

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read this title! Glad to hear that he had a great check up! Urology is always the one that makes me all sweaty and nervous...and that picture? I can't even take how stinken cute he is!! Love!!


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