Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's Lewis Working on This Week?

I like to take pictures and videos of pretty much everything Lewis does. I've taken a ridiculous amount of pictures of him. Going through pictures for his wedding slideshow will literally take years... he's going to need to have a long engagement. But anyway, I also like to take pictures and videos of the stuff we're working on with Lewis. When it feels like we've been working on sitting up FOREVER and every other baby just magically starts sitting up with no practice at all, it helps to go back and look at the pictures and videos and see just how hard Lewis has worked and how far he has come. So I thought I'd share something we're working on with Lewis this week!

First of all, some background. To understand one of the reasons this is difficult for Lewis, it may help to try it out yourself. So, sit on the ground with your legs crossed and lean forward so you're looking at the floor. Now, really pay attention to what muscles you're using when you sit back up. Who knew we had that many muscles, right? Can you feel your leg muscles helping to pull you back up? It's possible to do it without engaging these muscles, but you have to have a strong core and it takes some concentration. Lewis is learning to sit up without the help of those leg muscles. Yes, he can use some of his leg muscles, but they're weak and he's still learning that he can actively use them. Because this altered way of sitting up doesn't really come naturally, I've been teaching Lewis how he can use his strengths to sit up. Lewis also has some upper body weakness from being on his belly for so long, so that doesn't help matters. Anyway, here's what we're doing:

He's sitting with the crocodile behind him and some wipe refills on each side. I scoured my house looking for something that would work to put on his sides and this is the best I could come up with. He sits and plays in this position. 

Often, while he's  playing, he falls forward like this. And he's stuck. He either just stays folded like that and keeps playing or he waves his hands around in the air like in this picture and says, "Mom help! I'm stuck!" See how his arms are pulled back? That's from being on his belly for so long. Not a big deal, just something we have to work on. 

So here's where I come in. Instead of sitting him back up, I show him that if he puts his arm down and pushes up with it, he can sit up all by himself. Eventually we'll eliminate the wipe refills, but he needs them for now.

Push up! (Sorry it's blurry)

 You did it!

I've showed Lewis how to do this hundreds, if not thousands, of times. I keep reminding myself that, in any kid, they repeat a movement thousands of times before they get it. It just seems like so much more with Lewis because I have to guide him through it every time. So I get REALLY excited when I see this:

He fell forward again...

and remembered...

...he can do it all by himself!

Good job buddy!


  1. He looks great! Sitting up is hard work, but he will get it!

  2. YAY Lewis!!! Nice work!! Grey had the same exact problem. He would fold right up when he was sitting, and then one day...he just got it. After months and MONTHS of working on it, he finally got it! He was around 10-11 months. Lewis is doing so great!! I can't wait to see you both on Monday!!


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