Sunday, October 17, 2010

Belly Surfing

Lewis has recently started rolling over and I am on a mission to get him rolling over on video. Of course he won't do it while I'm recording... and now that he can roll over it's not so exciting anymore and he'd rather try to do new things. Here is one of those things that is apparently way more fun than rolling over... I call it belly-surfing. :)

P.S. A couple good new Dr. appts! Lewis's hips both look good! His bladder and kidneys look good and during the ultrasound his bladder was empty- which is great! Praise God, keep those good appointments coming!


  1. He's superman!!! LOVE all of the great news on those appointments!! Can't wait to see him again, soon! :)

  2. We call that airplane in OT. It is a great way for him to strengthen his core muscles. He is such a cutie!


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